28 Day Class Bingo Challenge

Bring back the heat… Summer is coming!

Are you finding it difficult to keep active throughout Winter? We’ve got you covered….  our yearly August challenge is back for 2018.

Join us for a fun 28 days of classes, games and prizes by playing Class Bingo! Beginning on August 19th with a Reformer/Hiit fusion or Barre class, you’ll get the chance to bring some heat, build strength, lift and tone and increase flexibility.

What’s included? Exclusive challenger only classes, hot new studio equipment, exclusive Facebook group, food guidelines, weigh in and measurement sheets, prizes to be won.

Option 1 – Sculpt $49 (members) $148 (non-members including unlimited Studio one for 28 Days ) includes gift bag

Option 2 – Sweat $89 (members) $200 (non-members incl Studio One and Reformer Pilates for 28 Days)  including weekly check ins, meal plan and recipes and gift bag

Each class you attend you stamp your bingo card. Here’s what you stand to win:

1st Prize: 1 night at boutique hotel

2nd Prize: 3 month membership to studio 1

3rd Prize: 1 month membership to studio 1

4th Prize: $100 voucher to Maple & Co

5th Prize: Lululemon $50 voucher 

Weekly prizes also to be won.

Our Bingo challenge is no risk, all reward. To get in on the fun simply click here to sign up and snag your bingo card. Now let’s play!


I joined the August challenge cause, let’s face it, winter sucks and we need all the help we can get! I had a good rhythm of regular exercise but for me it was bringing that together with the right food that would make the difference – but in an achievable way that was doable with the rest of my crazy life! I love the August challenge – the sense of community, the food ideas, the inspiration of seeing others kicking goals helps you to kick your own. Absolutely can’t wait for the next one!
Katie Wyatt

Last Aug I completed the Habitat Space 28 challenge, I’ve always liked a challenge and this was the best in terms of results and trainer support. The recipes we received totally changed the way I ate in a good way including protein at every meal, very minimal carbs and sugar and heaps of water, this along with exercising 4 times per week at Habitat Space I saw the results in terms of weight loss as early as the first week and more muscle definition by the end of the challenge. I followed it pretty strictly and it was definitely tough at times (particularly week 2) but I am so pleased I stuck to it as I lost 4kg in the 28 days.
As I enjoyed the new way of eating so much and the regular exercise I kept up all the eating principles and exercise 90% of the time and managed to lose another 3kgs in the following 2 months.
Ursula was an amazing support and super encouraging which helped so much, being able to email her with any questions along the way about some of the recipes helped a lot.
I would absolutely recommend giving this challenge a go!
Claire Scott